Monday, April 15, 2013

DIY Skate Leash or Noose

OK, here's a quick project. I skinned my fingertips skating outside this weekend so I have to make it short. The beauty of a skate leash is two-fold. One, you don't have to get (or make, in my case) a bag big enough for your skates. Two, your skates are not in the same bag as your sweaty gear, which noose manufacturers claim will cause premature bearing rusting. You also get to sling your skates over your shoulder and look like a bad-ass or have them out as a conversation starter.

This is the quickest project ever. It took me a lot longer to write it up than to do it. 

Approximately 80 inches webbing, 1" wide, any non-stretch material is fine
The same length satin ribbon (optional), 5/8" wide
2 D-rings to fit 1" webbing
Note: I bought all this for about $6 at my local Ben Franklin. You can probably get it for less if you don't live on an island in Alaska. Webbing and D rings are also pretty easy to scavenge or thrift, if you just keep your eyes out. Straps on cheap or old bags, old backpacks, etc. I didn't feel like digging through my camping gear in the basement to find the random lengths I know I have down there. You can also get all sorts of cool webbing, if you live places other than an island in Alaska.

Sewing machine (here's a tutorial that uses no D-rings and hand sews)
Matching thread
Ruler or measuring tape

1. (Optional) Attach ribbon to webbing down the middle lengthwise by sewing a straight stitch close to the edge of the ribbon. I did this by setting my needle slightly off center and then lining up the edge of the ribbon with the middle of the presser foot.

2. Cut a 37"-ish length of webbing and attach each end to the flat part of a D-ring by poking it thorough the D-ring, folding over about 1/2" and sewing it down. I used a wide zig-zag and went back and forth about 5 times to make it really secure and ensure I caught the loose ends of the webbing and the ribbon. You could melt those prior to sewing if you have a flame handy and felt like spending another 5 minutes on this project. 

3. Now cut two 21"-ish lengths of webbing. Form a loop by folding a piece in half, and then attach both ends of this piece to the curved side of one D-ring, the same way you did in 2. Repeat with other 20" piece and other D-ring. That's it! You're done!